Top 4 Outdoor Exercise Ideas - Workout Outside The Gym

Top 4 Outdoor Exercise Ideas – Workout Outside The Gym


Research says that one of the best ways of coping with stress is to get regular exercise and I personally feel that in today’s busy and hectic lifestyle, that is the need of the hour. If I were to ask you how often do you step outside to workout, what would you say? Do you like to hit the gym every morning and work out at the same place, or are you someone who likes to explore nature and looks forward to waking up the next morning and taking a good old walk or run outdoors?


I know from personal experience how boring and monotonous working out at a gym can be – I quit going to my gym 8-9 months down the lane because I got bored of working out on the same machines and looking out on the same landscape – in short, it stopped exciting me. I think it would be safe to say that it even pushed me to withdraw from wanting to work out and I was constantly struggling to motivate myself. Now, if you too are in a similar situation, I would highly recommend you give outdoor fitness a shot, especially if you’re someone who enjoys fresh air 🙂


Adopting an outdoor exercise routine can not only lift your spirit each day, but it also boosts your strength and stamina…not to forget all the goodness you’re giving your body and mind by supplying it with fresh air and oxygen. When you are amidst greenery and nature, your mind will be at ease, you’ll start to feel calm and your body will release stress hormones. It is proven that outdoor exercise is fantastic for those who are feeling down emotionally.


Let’s take a look at some simple Outdoor Exercises to get you started!





This one is a no-brainer because it is the best and easiest exercise you can do outdoors, also it is for everyone, irrespective of age or physical fitness level!  An awesome cardio would be to brisk walk which will also assist in toning your hips, stomach and legs. Sprinting, taking a hike uphill or walking from corner to corner on a hill will feed the number of calories that you burn. A 45-minute walk is something that anyone at any age can fit into their daily routine. Another great thing about walking as an exercise is that no matter what your age, you can still benefit from it 🙂





Yes, sports – it’s not only recreation, it’s also the perfect outdoor exercise and an excuse to catch up with your buddies more often! Pick any sport you like – volleyball, soccer, cricket, skateboarding! The best thing about playing a sport is that it engages your mind at all times and works every single muscle in your body.





This is a true calorie burner depending on how fast you can go. Biking outdoors is not only fun, it will also improve blood circulation and help you to tone up your legs.





Known to be the most soothing work out to lose weight, Yoga is good for both the soul and the body. You will observe greater flexibility in your body and toning, plus a cut in your back problems like a back pain, while you are burning around 180 calories per hour  (maybe even more in case you have been practicing yoga for a while and are doing the more advanced poses and postures or maybe combining some difficult positions). Yoga is the best way to connect with your soul and is also one of the most gentle, yet effective ways to regain and recover from an injury.


So there you have it – my Top 4 Outdoor Exercise Ideas to Help You Workout Outside the Gym! Remember, working out does not have to be a chore (in fact it should NEVER feel one), so make it fun and see how you fall in love with exercising! Also, consistency is what will show you results, so if you are having a tough time exercising by yourself, ask a friend, roommate or even your partner to join along with you, because that will surely make the journey a lot easier and more fun.


What are your favourite outdoor exercises? Leave me a comment down below for some inspiration!





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