5 Health and Fitness Tips Everyone Should Know

5 Health and Fitness Tips Everyone Should Know

Are you on track with your fitness and health goals for 2018?… All set to shed the extra weight you’re carrying and be fit as a fiddle? If not, then don’t lose hope and use these 5 simple, yet effective health and fitness tips to shed weight and look fab in no time 🙂

Tip #1

Make Water Your Best Friend

Your body requires ample amount of water, so make sure you drink around 8 to 10 full glasses of water in a day. Water isn’t just a way to rinse out all the toxins from your system but an ample amount of water within your body will normally make you feel much healthier and also fitter. Water has no calories at all and that’s the greatest benefit.

When most of us are trying to lose weight, we focus mainly on what food we are eating and often forget about what liquids (or how much) we are consuming.  Understand that with all the different sodas and drinks on the market today, we have a lot of options available and most of these will have a high sugar content, so it is possible that what we’re drinking is actually what is causing us to put on more weight!

Now I know they say drink more liquids throughout the day to help you lose weight, but please don’t confuse consuming more liquids with drinking more soda, juice or alcohol! Instead, drink lots more WATER…PLAIN WATER 🙂



Tip #2

Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to Stress


Stress is your worst enemy, especially when you are on the road to being a better, more healthy you. If you’re someone who stresses easily or a lot, then the first step for you is to take a step back and spend some quality time with ‘yourself’. Get rid of negative energy, because that will only lead to health problems. Instead, try and enjoy some ‘alone-time’ by listening to your favourite music, going for a walk, reading a book or even enjoying a nice, hot bath! Meditation and yoga are also fantastic for de-stressing, so give that a try, not only will it help you look better physically, it will also calm your mind and make you feel better 🙂



Tip #3

Get Moving 


Keeping in line with Tip#2, my next tip is to keep moving to stay healthy and fit…because let’s be honest – no one ever lost weight by sitting on their behind! 

If you want your body to be in good shape and look good, make changes in your lifestyle and make exercise a part of your routine life. There are several things you can do – go for a morning walk, hit the gym, join a yoga class….or Zumba!

Exercise doesn’t only mean weight training, you can go out simply for a walk, or a jog, or a run. You can even take your pet out for a walk or rollerblade with your kid or maybe go on a hike or cycling with your partner.

Activities like swimming, playing racket ball, going hiking out in the open are fun ways to get your muscles working, so stop being boring and think of exciting ways to challenge yourself physically.



Tip #4

Quit Smoking 


Easier said than done…I know! But, it must be done. 

Smoking is the worst thing for your health and if you’re planning on being fitter and healthier, then smoking definitely has to stop. Not only is it bad for your health, it also kills your stamina.




Tip #5

Don’t Skip Meals and Watch What You Eat


Ok, so I’m throwing an extra sneaky Tip#6 in there too! 

Firstly, never skip your meals. You must eat 5 small meals a day. Begin with breakfast. Do not ever leave out the first meal of the day as it’s the most important and you’ll wind up devouring everything that’s on the way later on if you’ve skipped breakfast. Eat wisely so that your body does not yearn for more food. Keep the meals small and eat every 3-4 hours. This way your body will not store any fats for an emergency situation and the body metabolism will constantly work in order to digest what you’re eating, which in turn means that you’ll constantly be burning calories.

Secondly, watch what you’re eating. Keep an observant eye on each and every food that goes into your body. Bear in mind that it’s the simplest thing to eat stuff without even realising that maybe you shouldn’t have done so! One of the easiest ways to do that is by cooking yourself – so you know exactly what you’re eating and how the food is being prepared.

Eat more of green vegetables, fresh fruits, oats, etc instead of eating junk food. Reduce your intake of caffeine and aerated drinks, instead remember Top#1 – Drink More Water 🙂



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