Men's Linen Pants - Perfect Attire for a Beach Wedding

Men’s Linen Pants – Perfect Attire for a Beach Wedding


Beach weddings are that perfect “oh-my-god” moments for almost ALL of us! The beautiful smell of the ocean, the soft sand beneath your feet, the crashing of the waves is all so soothing, so sublime. But I also understand that finding the right outfit to wear to a beach wedding could possibly be a rather tough task, especially if you are the groom or one of his buddies, but guess what – you can by no means go in the wrong with men’s linen pants.


It is easy to choose something as an outfit for a formal wedding; you see the thing is there are ample choices from suits, pants and ties. Nevertheless, it can be quite a mind-boggling task to pick something that looks ‘right’ when it comes to beach or garden weddings. I mean you could wear shorts to the wedding, right!? But then what would one end up looking like? Let’s not forget here that it’s still imperative to maintain the occasion as stylish, graceful and neat as possible, not considering how informal and laid-back it is. That’s the reason linen pants for men are the ideal solution to the outfit tribulations. Men’s linen pants are wonderful for any outdoor wedding such as garden or beach weddings. Here are a few things that we had to say in favour of linen pants for men:


Why Men’s Linen Pants?

As the groom or the best man, you must wear something that is somewhat formal, even though the wedding may be in a rather casual setting. That’s the reason weddings at the beach call for long pants. Yet, if you opt for the standard black pants, you might seem a tad out of place. Men’s linen pants are excellent to use since they retain the formal look of long pants, and are casual at the same time. They are also breathable and light, so you will be comfortable during the event.


Colours for Men’s Linen Pants

White linen pants for men are absolutely wonderful for weddings, but be cautious if you’re wearing them to a garden wedding as the dirt on the floor may soil the pants. Another beautiful option can be light coloured men’s linen pants and you can opt for colours like brown, light blue and green.


What to team with it?

For a more formal look, you can buy a full linen suit set that will include in it the linen pants. You could team up the chinos with a long-sleeved white linen shirt. To add some zing to the attire pair up the look with leather slip-on shoes, which are perfect for out-of-doors weddings, but if you’re planning on getting wet at some stage in the ceremony (i.e. tossing each other into the sea or the pool), in that case, rubber flip-flops should do the trick!

I also recommend that you hem the base of the pants. Several men’s dress pants are usually un-hemmed; for that reason, you will need to ask your tailor to put a hem on. Moreover, the tailor can include a break, as that will change how the linen pants hit the crown of your shoe.



Looking great at a beach wedding is just as essential as looking excellent for a church wedding, so take the advice as you can’t go off beam with men’s’ linen pants.



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