3 Top Effective Yet Simple Weight Loss Strategies

3 Top Effective Yet Simple Weight Loss Strategies

If you’re someone who has put on a few pounds and is looking to get rid of it, you’re at the right place! Gearing up for losing those few extra pounds is never easy, but if you are reading this article, you have already passed the first test, which is accepting the problem and choosing to lose the extra weight you are carrying.


Now, who loves the sight of those ‘not-so-attractive’ love handles, paunch or muffin top??? Not me! But excess weight is not just about how your body looks, we all know that being overweight is not healthy and that even a few extra pounds here and there can bring about health problems in the future. Extra fat puts a strain on joints and bones and if you are overweight, you will definitely feel that while performing daily chores.


Losing weight is never easy and it won’t happen overnight, but you must know that it is possible and anyone at any age can shed the few extra pounds. If you’re someone who does not like the idea of going to the gym every single day or dreads going on a strict diet, then I have 2 simple yet effective ways for you to kick-start your weight loss journey.


Don’t Skip Meals


3 Top Effective Yet Simple Weight Loss Strategies


Contrary to popular belief, starving is not going to help you lose weight people! You must eat 5 small meals a day. Begin with breakfast. Do not ever leave out the first meal of the day as it’s the most important and you’ll wind up devouring everything that’s on the way later on if you’ve skipped breakfast.


Eat wisely so that your body does not yearn for more food. Keep the meals small and eat every 3-4 hours. This way your body will not store any fats for an emergency situation and the body metabolism will constantly work in order to digest what you’re eating, which in turn means that you’ll constantly be burning calories.



Watch What You’re Drinking


3 Top Effective Yet Simple Weight Loss Strategies


When most of us are trying to lose weight, we focus mainly on what food we are eating and often forget about what liquids (or how much) we are consuming.  Understand that with all the different sodas and drinks on the market today, we have a lot of options available and most of these will have a high sugar content, so it is possible that what we’re drinking is actually what is causing us to put on more weight!


Now I know they say drink more liquids throughout the day to help you lose weight, but please don’t confuse consuming more liquids with drinking more soda, juice or alcohol! Instead, drink lots more WATER…PLAIN WATER 🙂


Say a big NO to packaged juices, sugar and cream in your tea or coffee and pop, as they all add to a disaster. Instead, opt for fresh juices or smoothies that have all the fibre intact as that’s the healthy part.


Drink ample water because when you’re dehydrated, the body metabolism slows down and it stops burning the fat. You can also drink fruit infused water or green tea 🙂



Exercise Regularly


3 Top Effective Yet Simple Weight Loss Strategies


Research shows that you can burn equal to 3 times more fat if you’ve worked out early in the day.


It is understandable that for a lot of people going every day to the gym even for half an hour isn’t always possible and that is totally fine. Maybe it is your hectic work schedule or the fact that you are a mum or even something as basic as not feeling confident enough in your body to go to the gym, but that should NOT be an excuse for not exercising at all. Do aerobics, yoga or light cardiovascular exercises at home every morning before you eat your breakfast. They are workouts for your heart and lungs. By training first thing in the morning, your body metabolism gets that kick-start which will keep functioning all through the day and burn fat.


Exercise doesn’t only mean weight training, you can go out simply for a walk, or a jog, or a run. You can even take your pet out for a walk or rollerblade with your kid or maybe go on a hike or cycling with your partner.


Activities like swimming, playing racket ball, going hiking out in the open are fun ways to get your muscles working, so stop being boring and think of exciting ways to challenge yourself physically.



I know losing weight is not easy, but it does not have to be scary either. All you need to do is have an open mind and be willing to try different things to challenge your body to lose those few extra pounds, and no it does not have to be a gruelling experience where you starve yourself or deprive yourself of things you love to eat and drink. Simply keep in mind to make smart, simple changes to your levels of physical activity, to what you eat and drink… and do everything in MODERATION 🙂



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