Pregnancy Pillow | How to Choose the Perfect One for Yourself

Pregnancy Pillow | How to Choose the Perfect One for Yourself


I remember when one of my closest friends was pregnant, the #1 Preggo Problem was not sleeping all night and changing positions every couple of seconds like a mentally challenged walrus!


I know that sounds funny, but on a serious note- during pregnancy, getting a good night’s sleep is extremely difficult and something that gets worse as your belly grows.


If you or a loved one is having the same Preggo Problems, then this article is for you! During pregnancy, pillows are great in facilitating comfortable sleep. A pregnancy pillow is simply a long pillow, almost the same length as your body and can sometimes be curved at the ends. A pregnancy pillow can be used in a lot of positions to help you support your body while you sleep. This will help to relieve some common pregnancy ailments like back pain and leg cramps.


Pregnancy Pillow | How to Choose the Perfect One for Yourself

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It doesn’t matter if you are in the early or the latter stages of your pregnancy, pregnancy pillows are beneficial for your health, comfort, rest and is also a vital prenatal accessory. Professionals in health care have recommended that pregnant women should sleep on their left side with their knees bent a little. This posture helps to increase the oxygen flow to the baby. The problem is that many pregnant women feel uncomfortable to sleep this way when pregnant. Head pillows only support a certain area of your body, whereas pregnancy pillows can be the most comfortable while you’re carrying a baby as it is specially designed for pregnant women.


Pregnancy Pillow | How to Choose the Perfect One for Yourself

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Here’s a look at a few ways a Pregnancy Pillow will help you during pregnancy and even after the birth of your child:

  • It supports your back and belly
  • Supports your hips and keeps them in their natural position as you sleep
  • Helps in relieving heartburn, sciatica, acid reflux, heartburn and nasal congestion
  • Limits snoring
  • Helps at the time of breast-feeding


Pregnancy Pillow | How to Choose the Perfect One for Yourself

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When you’re out to buy a pregnancy pillow, here are a few things you should keep in mind:



Understand Your Body


Identify the areas where you feel the most stress. Every pregnant woman experiences pregnancy different than others. Women may feel different kinds of discomfort or
aches. Pregnancy pillows are explicitly designed in order to alleviate different kinds of stress- be that hip pressure or back support. Figure out what stress bothers you the most and then go out to find a pillow designed for you.




Study What’s Available


Pregnancy pillows can be of several kinds and sizes, so you need to look around to find which one best suits you.

One of the most popular pregnancy pillows is the full body memory foam pillow. This adjusts to the contours of the body.

Then there are smaller pillows that soothe and also avert specific problems like hip, back and upper shoulder pains.

Another style is the Simple wedge style – these slide underneath your growing belly.

You could also fall in love with the bean-shaped pillows simply because these wrap around your mid-section.




Seek Advice


Ask for advice from friends and family that have been through pregnancies. Parents are an enormous source of information. During pregnancy everyone faces different problems so their information can be seen as a helpful guide.




Try On for Size


Pregnancy pillows feel different when they are held and snuggled against your body than they do when you feel them with your hands. Do not feel shy to touch, feel and caress a pregnancy pillow before buying it. This will definitely be the most important purchase you will make during pregnancy, so it is recommended that you take your time and try several options before deciding which one’s best for you.


Remember, you should get the most out of pregnancy pillows. It’s not that once the child is born you won’t use the pregnancy pillow. Instead you should try and use pregnancy pillows to support the baby while you are cradling him to sleep or nursing him.


Hope this short post has given you some useful tips that will help you sleep comfortably! <3



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