4 Tips to be a Fashionable Mom

4 Tips to be a Fashionable Mom


Being fashionable can sometimes be daunting, especially if you have gained a few pounds during pregnancy. This article is dedicated to all the to-be-mums and new mothers out there who feel that the pregnancy fat is stopping them from looking stylish.

The trick to follow lies in choosing clothes and fabrics that will compliment your biggest asset and at the same time camouflage unflattering bits. Here are a few quick tips that you can follow to look like a ‘Yummy Mummy’!



Avoid Cutting Your Length



4 Tips to be a Fashionable Mom

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Try and stay clear of wearing anything that is too short, like capris, three-fourths and a pair of shorts. An outfit that cuts your height (visible length) is bound to make your legs look stocky and will make you look shorter. So lock away your favourite pair of capris and shorts for a while.

Instead, opt for a nice dress that is easy to dress up and down. For example, T-shirt dresses are not fussy in the least and don’t involve wearing a special bra or adjustments.

Pair up a bright coloured dress with a metallic bag and team it up with flip-flops. To accessorise, wear a small coral stud earring. For a more elevated look, team the same dress with a slightly heeled shoe or wedges, add a dramatic accessory like a belt, printed scarf or beaded necklace and change the bag.




Too Much Fabric is a Big NO



4 Tips to be a Fashionable Mom

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Avoid too much of fabric or layering as that will add extra unflattering inches to your look. Instead pay attention to necklines and hemlines – you needn’t necessarily wear something with a plunging neckline, but a scoop neck or a V-neck will help show some skin and elongate your neck.

I would also recommend staying away from mid-calf and calf length clothing (unless you’re tall) and opting for shorter hemlines instead.

Try on a pair of easy skirts for great easy styling.  Wear a knee-length skirt and team it up
with fun sneakers so you can run around and do errands quickly. You can also try wearing printed tops with a pair of jeans or trouser. Once again, mid-rise and high-rise jeans are so much comfier than low-rise ones when you’re a new mum.

Accessorise your look with a colourful bag (try the cross body bags), dramatic earrings and a pair of cute girly ballerina flats for an outings with friends.




Colour and Cut



4 Tips to be a Fashionable Mom

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Black is always a good colour as it has a slimming effect, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with bold colours! A pair of black leggings will look stylish paired with a bold colour or printed shirt/tunic and make your legs look slimmer. White on the other hand can be a bit tricky to style, so once again mix it with a pattern or colour.

Another great tip is to opt for a top or dress that drapes over and away from the tummy. Gathers and ruching are details you should look for. Wear fabrics that cascade over the body and don’t cling to you.

Button-downs can be your best friend as they will always look great over pants, shorts, leggings and skirts. Bright shirts go very well with leggings. Pick something with an interesting neckline and preferably bolder colour, as colours are known to have positive influences on the mood, and also brightens up an outfit.

For an evening out in town, pair a basic black T-shirt with dress pants. Accessorise with fun jewellery. Another option is to try the classic black dresses; the wrap-style dress flatters every figure and body type. On another occasion, pair a blouse (wrap-around) with A-line skirts or gauchos. Team it up with wedges or heels to look feminine and elegant.





A Few Thumb Rules



4 Tips to be a Fashionable Mom

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  • Stay away from low rise denims.


  • Horizontal stripes may not always be flattering as it makes you look bulkier.


  • No matter how temped you feel, say no to big, shapeless clothes. Instead of wide-legged pants, opt for a pair of leggings with billowy top to look leaner and longer.


  • When shopping for a postpartum item, stay away from fabrics that are difficult to clean and care for, like rayon or silk. Instead, opt for something stretchy, durable, non-wrinkly, washable and most of all, comfortable.



The birth of a baby is a time to cherish and no mother should feel that she isn’t the prettiest woman in the world…so I hope that these simple tips on how to be a fashionable mom give you some ideas on how to dress in a new way every day!



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    These sound like great tips, although I can’t relate just yet haha xx

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