Wishing you all a Happy Women’s Day!

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Wishing you all a Happy Women's Day!


Happy International Women’s Day Ladies! <3 

I’ve always believed that girls can do anything as long as they believe in themselves…and that is why we must always be strong, inspire ourselves and those around us to be better each day.

I read a quote this morning that really touched my heart and truly spoke to me …and I though I must share that with you all, especially since this is a beauty blog –


“We get so worried about being ‘pretty’…LET’S BE pretty KIND…pretty FUNNY… pretty SMART…pretty STRONG.”


So true isn’t it? I see young girls and women (alike) around me who are constantly trying to one-up each other… it’s almost as though everything has become a competition…and it’s no surprise that it has become easier and easier to lose friends….real friends!

So I thought of sharing 5 of my all-time favourite inspiring quotes on this special day!

Wishing you all a Happy Women's Day!

Here’s to Strong Women…May We Know Them… May We Be Them… May We Raise Them!


Wishing you all a Happy Women's Day!

A Woman Is The Full Circle. Within Her Is The Power To Create, Nurture & Transform.


Happy Women's Day 2017

The Most Alluring Thing a Woman Can Have Is Confidence.



Wishing you all a Happy Women's Day!

Think Like a Queen. A Queen Is Not Afraid To Fail. Failure Is Another Steppingstone To Greatness.


Wishing you all a Happy Women's Day!

Women Are The Real Architects Of Society.


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