The Best Oud Perfume: Attar Al Ghutra by Swiss Arabian

The Best Oud Perfume: Attar Al Ghutra by Swiss Arabian

“Fragrances fill the senses with the mysterious.”
-Diana Vreeland

Have you ever been so intoxicated by a fragrance that you couldn’t get it out of your head? ….so mesmerised that it was all you could think about? Well, I have been and today is all about that experience 🙂

Every time described a fragrance using the phrase’ Sex in a Bottle’ I wondered what the heck that meant?!…until I came across this bottle of absolute seduction and I knew…. I knew THIS is what it meant!

Welcome back lovely people! Quite a hello there from me today huh?!

I couldn’t help myself because the fragrance I’ll be sharing with you guys today deserves that kind of an introduction…. say hello to Attar Al Ghutra by Swiss Arabian <3

The Best Oud Perfume: Attar Al Ghutra by Swiss Arabian

A couple of years ago Karan & I travelled to Dubai for our anniversary (read all about it HERE!) and needless to say we fell in LOVE with the place. It was our first trip to Dubai and for once I was really looking forward to the travel, only because I’d hear sooooo much about it being the perfect place to shop…and I’m not talking “any” kind of shopping, I’m talking specifically about shopping for perfumes and OUD’s!

The second you step into Dubai, you smell this beautiful scent that lingers in the air for minutes after someone has walked past you….someone who is wearing oud and you can’t help but be absolutely mesmerised by that scent. Now if you know me at all, you’ll know that a gorgeous smell is my biggest weakness in life and so for me it was maddening…because all I wanted is to have that scent and to use it.

Fast-forward to a couple of days later, we ended up at the Swiss Arabian counter at Dubai Mall, testing out a few scents, when I excitedly asked the person attending us what that ‘peculiar’ scent was that I kept getting hit in the nose with…and he brought out this gorgeoooous baby that literally blew my mind!

That was my first time ever smelling an oud perfume and it was LOVE.

Attar Al Ghutra by Swiss Arabian took the top spot at the fifi Arabia awards in 2013 in the Arabia Popular Appeal Male category…and the more I use it the more I understand why. Now I know you must be wondering – why is SHE going nuts over a men’s fragrance? …. Well, I wear this scent more than any other perfume in my collection and I don’t care … because i love it…period!

The Best Oud Perfume: Attar Al Ghutra by Swiss Arabian

This perfume is pure perfection- right from the opening to the close and if I’m honest, I think it’s one of the most beautifully crafted scents in the world!

If you’ve ever smelled this, you will know what I’m talking about…it’s the kind of perfume that you sniff once and NEVER forget, trust me…this is THAT GOOD!

Lets talk about the DNA now…shall we?

Group- Leather

Warm Spicy

Top notes
Mandarin orange

Middle notes

Base notes
Agarwood (oud)

The opening for Attar Al Ghutra is very dark and sort of aggressive…and I feel it is the leather to thank for that. As time passes by the scent smoothens and turns creamy, followed by a touch of citrus, which is divine in every way possible.

Soon there’s a tad bit of sweetness in the scent from the Amber which lasts for hours and hours until once again the heart note kicks in like a dynamite.

The heart note here has that soapy scent…no not regular soapy, but much like a luxury soap…it smells very sophisticated and expensive. If you are a lover of Jasmine scents, this one is for you, because it is probably one of the most loud ingredient in this blend.

My favourite part of this perfume is when I’ve had it on for about 5-6 hours and the Patchouli kicks in followed by the oud- it turns unbelievably seductive and intoxicating. I dare you to not be mesmerised by someone who is wearing this scent….seriously I dare you!

This is the kind of fragrance that lasts for hours….for days…for weeks if you’ve sprayed it on your clothes… no kidding! It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted or play-it-safe kind of people….this is a truly magnificent BEAST of a scent… that is warm, leathery, dark and woody. 

The sillage and longevity, like I said, is a beast…so less is more holds true for this fragrance… 2 sprays and you’re good. The dry-down is absolutely beauuutiful- almost caramel-like and gourmandish, which I LOVE. 

What Swiss Arabian has to say:

‘Attar Al Ghutra is a tribute to the fascinating traditions and the people of the Arabian land. The Ghutra (headgear), introduced as a protection from the climatic conditions of the region, signifies the dignity and status of the Arab man. His is a powerful, traditional form of masculinity – understated, elegant and disciplined.’

To end it, all I’ll say is that this is a very powerful and potent blend with Agarwood and Leather being the most pronounced…but don’t shy away from it because the fragrance is also very fresh and sweet in places. If you’re ever near a Swiss Arabian counter or store, try this scent and I guarantee – you too will fall in love!

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