Dermal Q10 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Review

Dermal Q10 Collagen Essence Face Mask | My Thoughts

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So it’s February already… the month of Love and I’m hoping you’re all planning your Valentine’s with those you love <3

Today I’ll be sharing with you another sheet mask from the brand Dermal that I tried this week –

The Dermal Q10 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask


Dermal Q10 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask

About the Brand:

“DERMAL is a popular brand with young people, because of its fine quality and moderate prices, nowadays has become Korea’s top-selling skin-care product and manufacturer, its natural ingredients, rich in fruit and herbal extracts with different effective in improving skin quality. Last but not least, Dermal granted Quality Awards in Korea, it is no doubt about quality standard.”


Dermal Q10 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask


Like I’ve mentioned before, I really liked the packaging of these masks… very simple yet colourful and bright.

As you can see in the image, the mask has three specific benefits mentioned on it –

Firming – Regeneration – Moisturizing 



DERMAL ESSENCE MASK is a new essence mask which specially formulates cosmetics to penetrate highly concentrated active ingredients into the skin while keeping air out of the skin completely thus, it makes your tired skin moistened, elastic, clear and relieves your skin from stress.


Dermal Q10 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask



Coenzyme Q10 Sol’n 0.2 %.

What it promises: 

  • It contains Coenzyme q10 which is effective for keeping skin looking younger and preventing skin from ageing. Your skin feels smoother, plumper and more elastic.
  • Vitamin E and Collagen-It provides your tired skin nutrition and makes your skin healthy and bright.


Dermal Q10 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Review


Does it deliver? My thoughts?

Yes, Pretty much.

Let us start with the positives, shall we?!

The quality & texture of the mask is good – it’s thick, but very soft at the same time.

I think as for fit, this is probably one of the nicest fitting mask for me so far from the ones I’ve tried. As you can see in the pictures, the sheet has slits in various places for the mask to lay on your skin perfectly.

The eye & mouth hole placement on the mask were great. There was no discomfort or pokiness around the eyes.

The mask feels instantly cooling & soothing on the skin. I felt no irritation or itchiness the whole time I had this on. Once again, no allergic reactions or breakouts after use.

I also love the fact that the essence is not sticky at all, so when you remove the sheet mask you won’t even feel any product sitting on your skin.


Dermal Q10 Collagen Essence Sheet Mask Review


Now coming on to what I do NOT like about this mask. For starters –  the smell! It has a very chemical/harsh scent to it. Almost like alcohol, which to be honest puts me off right away. But, the scent stays for only about a minute or so.

I also felt that this particular mask was not as drenched in essence as I would like it to be…there was no left over and by the end of the 20 minutes the mask felt really dry and was lifting off my face. =






Would I recommend this product?

If you’re looking for an affordable mask that will hydrate your skin and make it feel firm, then yes – give this a try. Don’t be put off by the fragrance, because to be honest it stays for no more than a minute.


Buy them HERE

**Click HERE for the whole Dermal mask range**


  • Lala February 2, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    Thanks for such an honest review of the product. I’ve been looking into the sheet mask but have no clue which brand to use. This helps ❤️

    • ankita February 3, 2017 at 8:51 am

      Hey Lala!
      Thanks so much for dropping by!
      I would highly recommend you also give Mond’sub masks a try, they’re one of my absolute favourites.
      I’ve done a ton of reviews on them, so you can go have a look! <3


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