Purederm Green Tea Collagen Sheet Mask Review

Purederm Green Tea Collagen Mask : Review


“I regret taking such good care of my skin.”
-said no-one ever!


Continuing with the sheet mask series, today is all about the Purederm Green Tea Collagen Sheet Mask.


Purederm Green Tea Collagen Sheet Mask Review


Purederm Skin Solutions claim – “Now you can get Korean professional-level treatments from the comfort of your home. Purederm products are some the highest quality imported skincare treatments. And these will cost you quite a bit less than your usual beauty products.


For pure and perfect skin, choose Purederm. You can rely on Purederm’s innovative range of patches and masks to clarify and perfect your appearance. Purederm has a range of Anti-Wrinkle, Age Defying and Spot Reducing products for the skin.”


Purederm Green Tea Collagen Sheet Mask


Like I said in a previous review Purederm has quite a few different varieties of facial sheet masks and the ones I choose are from their Skin Recovery range.


This came in a pack of 5 for Rs. 329/- …a steal!!!


What it promises:

• Easy and effective Skin Recovery treatment formulated with Green Tea Extract Collagen and Vitamin E.

• This silky mask helps maintain ideal moisture level of the skin by providing a constant supply of moisture and nutrition.

• Natural pulp sheet prevent skin trouble and provides close adhesion to the face.


Does it deliver? My thoughts?

Yes 🙂


This is an amazing mask. The sheet is soaked in a lot of essence, though you don’t have any leftover in the sachet.


The fit is perfection, so a big big plus for me. I like that Purederm masks have the flap on the eyes, so if you’re laying down, simply cover your eyelid and let it soak the goodness! The eyeholes were nice and wide too.


Another thing I really enjoyed with this mask is how cooling & soothing it felt. The mask adheres to the skin, making sure your skin is absorbing the essence.


Purederm Green Tea Collagen Sheet Mask


I kept the mask on for about 30 minutes and by the 20 min mark the mask was drying up & lifting off my face.


If we talk about the ‘feel’ of the essence itself, it is clear and has a very very faint fragrance (not bothersome whatsoever, infact very pleasant smelling).


My skin looked moisturised, hydrated and glowy, plus it din’t feel sticky or tacky at all once I removed the mask. (*BIG thumbs up*)


The essence is not sticky at all, and i LOVE that about this mask. If you have oily skin, I think this mask would be perfect.


Purederm Green Tea Collagen Sheet Mask


As for texture & fit, you can see the mask has slits so that the sheet mask can really sit on your skin & let it absorb all the goodness from the essence.




The texture is somewhat like Tissue papery …thick and not easy to tear.



Rating– 5/5


Love Love Love!



Much Love



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