Moschino Funny! Perfume Review

Moschino Funny! Perfume Review



“Just like men, perfume is never perfect right away; 
   you have to let it seduce you.”
– Jean Patou


…need I say anymore!? ;P


I love perfumes…maybe even more than my favourite ice-cream & when it comes to my most treasured scent of ALL-times, Moschino Funny! is at the #1 spot. If I were to choose one perfume, my signature scent – I’d say this one would be IT … hands down! 🙂


Moschino Funny! Perfume Review


It was on a beautiful, sunny summer morning at a friends house… we were lazying around in our pjs,  playing with makeup when I spotted this gorgeous blue glass bottle with a heart-shaped cap & pink ribbon around it’s neck sitting on her dresser & I was mesmerised. One whiff of this baby & it stole my heart with its playful, girly scent…I knew that very minute that I had to have this in my collection.


What I love about Funny! is that it makes me happy…yes happy! It’s the perfect pick-me-up scent, one that will bring a smile to your face every time you spray it on yourself.


Now I know what you must be wondering- why the name ‘Funny!’? I too thought the same. It was the first time ever I’d come across a perfume that was named like this and it had me so intrigued, so I did some digging around on the internet. The story behind it is that Antoine Maisondieu– the man behind this beautiful creation- was sitting at his desk brainstorming the formula & he could hear one of his co-workers hysterically laughing across the hall. Now he couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand and got so mad at his colleague that he started to yell at him…Paradoxically, Antoine Maisondieu named this baby after the incident and all the ranting!


Moschino Funny! Perfume Review


Coming back to the scent- Funny! is best described as a citrus, fresh, green, woody, soft spicy scent. For me Funny! has the perfect blend of sweet, citrus and flowers. If I were to describe it to you, I’d say it smells very refreshing…fruity, yet clean & fresh… a very enjoyable & inoffensive scent.


Moschino Funny! Perfume Review


Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Pink Pepper & Redcurrant

Middle Notes: Green Tea, Jasmine, Peony & Violet

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber & Moss Musks

On me Moschino Funny! starts off as a fruity scent and then with time mellows down to a very delightful floral scent. It lasts on me for about 8-10 hours easily and when it fades it turns into a very calm, beautiful, amber scent 🙂


Moschino Funny! Perfume Review


It’s a shame that this scent has been discontinued, but the good news is that I stocked on a big bottle of this while I could still get my hands on it! This now sits in my collection for very very special occasions or days when I need a bit of boost.


Let me know if you own this perfume & how you feel about it or what your signature scent is…I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Until we meet next…


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