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A very warm welcome to all my lovely readers and a big hug… hmphh! I’ve missed you guys and needless to say – my sincere apologies for being MIA!


I have SOOOO much to share with all of you and I thought today’s post would be a great way to kick-start things ;P


So I turned 30 this month… ahem ahem! … but what a GORGEOUS year it’s been 🙂


This birthday was a truly special one since my Mum’s in town too visiting us, plus I finally bagged the promotion I had been hoping for…yay!


Back to the birthday… hubby boy was an absolute sweetheart and showered me with tons of gifts to ring in the coming year and I thought what better way to welcome you all than to share one of my new beauties ;P


I’m the kind of person who LOVES beautiful scents, so it’s no surprise that I love collecting perfumes. I’ve always loved woody, musky, deep fragrances and never really had a taste for sweet, floral or tropical scents, but I guess with age things change and so has this!


I found a new love in this alluring scent that Karan gifted me –  Roberto Cavalli Exotica …. isn’t the bottle just Yummm!?


Roberto Cavalli Exotica Review


I remember how I squealed with glee as I unwrapped this baby and boy was I in love! The bottle in itself is so very sexy and beautiful… the gorgeous deep metallic pink flacon with the branding in gold makes this the perfect piece for my vanity.


Roberto Cavalli Exotica Review


There’s a contrasting black and white tiger print motive around the neck of the bottle and it seems like a LOT of thought has gone into designing this edition. Not just that, the actual crown on the bottle is an artistically designed textured RC (the Cavalli logo) in gold that gives this perfume bottle it’s elegance and luxurious feel.


Roberto Cavalli Exotica Review


Roberto Cavalli Exotica is described as a tropical scent, with a bit of white floral, woody, fruity, sweet and balsamic thrown in to make the perfectly balanced concoction.


To me this is the perfect Summer fragrance and reminds me of being on an exotic, warm location on holiday! A fruity, floral scent that is sweet and oddly spicy at the same time – but don’t let that put you off. It starts off as a bit heavy when you first spray it, however a few minutes later the scent turns very fresh and sensual on the skin.


Roberto Cavalli Exotica Review


Top Notes: Mango

Middle Notes: Firangipani

Base Notes: Sandalwood


I personally feel like Exotica starts off with Firangipani and then moves on to fruity followed by an ending/ dry down of soft powdery and creamy sandalwood. The longevity and sillage is quite good on this one – I’d say it stays on my skin for a good 6-8 hours.


Roberto Cavalli Exotica Review


If you’re on the hunt for a romantic, unforgettable scent try out Roberto Cavalli Exotica. It’s an utterly feminine, yet warm, rich scent… one that will definitely turn heads!


Buy HERE in India

Until we meet next,

Muah! xoxo


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