A New Exciting Addition!!!

A New Exciting Addition!!! <3

Hi Guys,


Hope you’re all doing well and gearing up for the upcoming LONGGGGGG (much needed) weekend! 🙂


I’m writing this tiny lil’ post today to welcome a very special ‘addition’ to my blog…. a section on TRAVEL…to exploring new wonders….to freeing yourself and letting go….to making dreams come alive…to travelling the world and really living experiences!


Until recently, I was never into exploring ‘places’….I was more of a exploring ‘things’ kind of person, but my darling of a husband who loves and literally LIVES to travel introduced me to the wonders of exploring a new place, a new city, a new country….and on that note, I’d like to introduce HIM to all of you….tadaaaaa!


Bubz & Me

Karan & Me @ The Walk, Dubai



This is my hubby Karan (or ‘Bubz’ as I lovingly call him! <3) and he’s going to be the one behind the “Travel’ section on this blog….where we together will share with you travel experiences and all the beautiful, wonderful things that come along with it!


From Travelogues, to Good Food, to Things to Buy, to Must Visits, Tips for Travel and even Bucket Lists….We will share it all with you.


I hope you’re gonna love him and welcome him with open arms….he is as adorable as it can get…and let me tell you- a hell of a planner when it comes to travel…so without further ado…I’m gonna let him take over…


If you have a passion for travelling and exploring….please head over to the travel section…We really are looking forward to hearing from you!


With much love,

Ankita & Karan


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