Huge Winter Haul!

Huge Winter Haul!


“I like my money right where I can see it…Hanging in my Closet.”
– Carrie Bradshaw


I bet you know what today’s chit chat is going to be about…hahaha! YES, shopping! <3


If you were to ask me what’s the one thing I cannot stop…like can-NOT…i’d have to say SHOPPING. Jeez, I know it sounds horrible (& I bet it is to a degree), but I just love investing in things that catch my attention & fancy. My heart is such that it melts at the sight of anything cute…hmphhh!


I’ve been married for over 2 years now & it’s become somewhat of a tradition with my hubby & me that we take a break from work twice a year to go travelling- once to our home(town) & once to explore another country. Long story short, this year we plan to head home during the winters & also travel to a country during the winter months.


If you din’t know already, I live in Mumbai (India), which happens to be a city that never gets cold…like even remotely! Its always hot & humid (so we always crave for some winter-ness), which means that I’ve never needed any winter-wear here for the last 2 years, but now that we plan on making the most of winter this year, I went BONKERS during the sales stocking up some winter clothes!


It’s time to share my Huge Winter Haul-ing with you…So here it is….ALL of it ;P


*I’d like to mention that all of these pieces have been picked up during the SALES, so they were way cheaper than their original price. I will try & mention the details if I can find any.* 

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Quilted Jacket from Promod

Promod Quilted Jacket


So the first thing I picked up during the sales is this Floral Quilted Jacket from Promod. I was out shopping with my sister & as you know, two women out in a mall is worse than one alone! I was determined that day to only help HER pick up steals at the sales, but ended up with this gorgeous baby in my wardrobe…no regrets guys….NO REGRETS! I love the print & the colour of this jacket. Its a grey & baby pink base with a beautiful pattern & quilting throughout. I know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this one!

This was originally 4300/- INR ($70/ £46), but I ended up picking it up on a 53% discount. 



Dorothy Perkins Penguin Jumper

Dorothy Perkins Embroidered Penguin Jumper


One of my absolute favourites & one that I cannot wait to wear is this cute Embroidered Penguin Jumper from Dorothy PerkinsThis was a gift to me by my ever-so-loving husband (thank you bubz if you’re reading this <3) because he knows I love penguins…teehee! I love the navy blue colour & feel of this jumper. This is undoubtedly one of the cutest jumper in the world.

This was originally 3190/- INR ($52/£34), but it cost around 1500/- INR ($24/£16) on sale. 



Dorothy Perkins Blue Scotty Dog Jumper

Dorothy Perkins Blue Scotty Dog Jumper


Staying with the ‘I Love Animals‘ theme…here’s the second gift from my darling Bubz…for he knows that dogs are the greatest love of my life! This Blue Scotty Dog Jumper from Dorothy Perkins  is yet another piece that I cannot wait to wear. It feels like fur & is the softest thing you could ever touch. I know its kind of kiddy, but I don’t care! The white pooch reminds me of my 4-legged boy back at home… I love you Rufez! <3

This was originally 2690/- INR ($44/ £29), and cost 1200/- INR ($20/ £13) on sale. 



Forever 21 White Lace Jumper

Forever 21 White Lace Front Jumper


I picked this White Lace Front Jumper from Forever 21 last month. The front as you can see is gorgeous…to me its more like crochet than lace. The back is a normal sweater material. I’ve worn this already & I feel it’s something that I’ll be able to use even in Mumbai when the temperature dips a little during the end of the year. One of my favourites again….it’s just so girly & pretty!



Grey Zara Jumper

Zara Grey Jumper


Now who doesn’t LOVE Zara!? Well, I surely do….so during the sale I picked up this Grey Jumper from Zara.

It was originally from 3000/- INR, which is about $49 0r £32  roughly…but I got it for 990/- INR, which is about $16 or £11…what a steal! 



Only Grey Jumper with Thread work Detailing

ONLY Bertra Pullover Knt in Grey


This Grey Bertra Pullover Knit from ONLY is slightly different because it is somewhat between a tshirt & a jumper. It has a very vibrant & beautiful flower on the front, which is all intricate thread-work. I quite love this as it’s so versatile.

I got this off of a gift card, so it was practically for FREE!



Marks & spencer Jumper

Marks&Spencer Sweatshirt


This Cream Sweatshirt from Marks & Spencer is another one of my favourites. Its really cozy & loose, perfect for days when you just want to lounge around.

I picked this up for 1290/- INR ($21/£14) on sale. 



Nuon blue sweatshirt

Nuon Blue Sweatshirt


This Blue Sweatshirt from Nuon was one that I picked up from the “men’s section” at shoppers stop. It really comfy & looks great with a well-fitted pair of jeans & ballet shoes or boots (in winters).

I picked this up at a 50% discount….it was 1290/- originally.



Only Black collared Top

ONLY Princess Rock Black Collared Top


Saving the best for last….this Princess Rock Black Collared Top from ONLY is a piece that i LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love my blacks & this has been a great addition to my collection. I love the faux leather feel at the collar & sleeves. This staple colour with the edgy trim will work great with skinny jeans or even a plain skirt.

This piece was again purchased with a gift card, so practically FREE! 



Only Crochet Jacket

ONLY White Crochet Shrug


I picked this White Crochet Shrug from ONLY last year during the sale. It has an open front, short sleeves & an attached lining.

This was originally 3295/- INR ($54/ £36), but cost me around 1500/- INR ($24/ £16) on sale.



Now what HAUL would be complete without accessories!? So to end, I’ve included my favourite pair of boots, a clutch & a cap <3


Carlton London Ankle - length Boots

Carlton London Ankle-Length Black Boots


Aren’t they SEXY!? Ughhh…how I love these! Once again, a gift from my darling hubby…these Black Ankle-Length Boots from Carlton London costed around 3000/- INR ($49/£32) on sale. They were originally 4000/- INR ($65/ £43). 

These are lace-ups & will go great with almost everything- skinny jeans & a floral jacket; a dress with a smart blazer; shorts & a tee…everything!



Forever New Oversized Weave Pattern Clutch

Forever New Alexina Pleat Clutch


This Oversized Alexina Pleat Clutch from Forever New is everything I wanted & more! Oversized clutches are a key trend this season and a favourite for fashion bloggers! The clutch features a sleek Forever New branded plate with stunning pleat detailing on the front and back. There is a detachable shoulder strap for versatile wear.

It was originally 2600/- INR ($42/ £28), and I got it on 50% off on sale. 



Baggit Cap

Baggit Kairo Burberry Navy Blue Cap


What winter look will be complete without a cap. This Kairo Burberry Navy Blue Cap from Baggit was a steal at 600/- ($10/ £6.5).


If you’ve stuck through to the end of this haul with me, then this is all I have to show you! Comment down below & let me know what you’ve picked up in your latest shopping trip & also let me know which piece you liked best from my HUGE Winter Haul!


Tons of Love till the next one! xoxo



  • Shilpa May 18, 2015 at 4:20 am

    Hi!! I bumped into your blog through someone else’s blog and I love finding and connecting with Indian bloggers! So hiii! 😀 loving the entire haul and especially the promod jacket!

    • Ankita & Karan ( May 18, 2015 at 9:01 am

      Hi Shilpa!
      Thank you so much ☺
      I’m glad you stopped by & wrote to me…It’s amazing to connect with more bloggers…there’s so much you get to learn ☺
      I’ll be sure to check out your space…and once again thank you so much for your lovely comment!


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