Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit – Review



“Treat you makeup like jewelry for your face. Play with colors, shape, structure – it can transform you.”
– François Nars


Let’s start exploring my ‘makeup’ journey with the product that is the closest to my heart and the one that takes center-stage on my display 🙂



Perhaps one of the most lusted after and over reviewed makeup tool there ever could be- the Sigma Mrs Bunny Brush Set (full-size)!






I remember the first time I saw these brushes, with their pink ferrules and pastel-blue handles, I was Mesmerized…almost like being possessed by them. Not too long after, I finally got my hands on these babies* and have been loving them ever since.



I ordered the Sigma Mrs Bunny Essential Kit about 2 months ago and I feel I have used them enough to finally put my thoughts out regarding what I feel about them, what they can help you do and their quality…So without further ado, let’s jump right into what I think of them. 🙂



The kit comes in a set of 12 brushes- all of which have synthetic bristles (yayyyy for no animal cruelty!) plus a gorgeous pastel blue case/holder to hold the brushes. Before we get into the details of this set, let me say that I’m in love with this kit and I’m glad that I bought it. This is an incredible kit, good value for your money and perfect for a beginner (like myself) or for those who are looking to expand their existing brush collection.


brush holder



This particular set has full-size brushes and what is great about it is that these 12 brushes is ALL you’re ever going to need to do your entire makeup.  The brushes are very well made and sturdy and the case is athletically pleasing. Its leatherette finish is very classy, yet flashy in a way and I love how the Sigma logo is imprinted on the sides. You can detach the top of the cup from the bottom and make it 2 smaller holders to store your brushes- now how clever is that!!?



brushes 1



What the Sigma website says:

“The Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit was specially designed to deliver a perfect makeup application. This kit contains twelve brushes from our best-selling Essential Kit that utilize the Sigmax® HD filament. The brushes come in an innovative and functional container that turns into two brush holders to keep you stylish, organized and vegan-friendly! “



Let’s take a look at the brushes now! I’m going to start with the face brushes and move on to the eye brushes:



The F30 – Large Powder Brush:


large powder



My absolute favourite powder brush ever, the F30 is super soft, super large and super fluffy! 🙂

This brush is dense, but applies just the perfect amount of powder. The ferrule is pinched at the neck and gives this brush its shape and control- just what you need to set makeup.




The F50 – Duo Fibre Brush:



duo fibre brush



I still haven’t been able to figure out what the hype is when it comes to duo-fibre brushes, because honestly, I personally prefer to use a flat top kabuki brush to apply my foundation (like the F-80 Flat Kabuki from the Sigmax collection).


This brush can be used with liquid, cream and powder products and is said to give you that flawless airbrushed effect. Well, I used this brush to apply my foundation only once and quite frankly wasn’t very happy with how it looked. For me this brush is perfect for cream products or heavy pigmented products like a cream blush or even highlighter because the end result is weightless application.





The F60 – Foundation Brush:



foundation e60



This is the regular paddle style foundation brush perfect for applying tinted moisturizer, bb cream or light weight foundations. You can also use it apply a primer as well. I’m not a big fan of this brush and almost never reach for it…so Bleh!





The F40- Large Angled Contour Brush:


large angle contour e40



My absolute favourite from this set, the F-40 is the best contour brush I have because it fits so perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks to give that effortlessly sweeping motion to make the face look slimmer. You can also use this brush to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and even tilt it sideways and use the very highest tip to apply highlighter.





The F70- Concealer Brush:


concealer brush e70



This is a small dense brush that can give you a light or heavy coverage depending on what you want to use it for. Shaped somewhat like an eye brush, it almost seems to me like the ‘baby’ version of the F-60 foundation brush!





The E60 – Large Shader Brush:


large shader e60



A great brush to get the ideal wash of colour all over the eyelid. It is densely packed with bristles that are exceptionally soft- which is why it makes for a great eye brush. I use it to pack on colour over my entire eyelid and like it the best for using with shimmer eyeshadows. The trick is to spray some setting spray on the brush from a distance to wet it and then dipping in into your eyeshadow to really make the colour pop. You can also use it for applying a cream eyeshadow or base.





The E70 -Medium Angled Shading Brush:


medium angled shading e70



One of the most impressive brush in this kit…the E70 can apply colour to the eyelid as well as blend at the same time. The densely packed bristles are soft and glide effortlessly in the crease area. I’ve also used this brush to highlight the brow bone and it does in fact do a beautiful job!





The E40- Tapered Blending Brush: 


tapered blending brush



These kinds of brushes are a dream to work with when you’re just starting with makeup. The soft bristles on this brush are not flimsy like most I’ve seen. Great for someone with smaller eyes, this brush can be used to blend colour in the crease by using windshield wiper motions.





The E55- Eye Shading Brush:


eye shading e55




A dense, flat paddle brush for the eyes that is rounded at the tip, it works beautifully for packing colour to the lid in one sweep. I don’t really use this brush for blending, but you could if you wanted. It picks up pressed eyeshadows better than any other eye brush I own and applies colour very evenly. This brush is great for contouring the nose as well. You could also highlight with it…how multipurpose!





The E30- Pencil Brush:


pencil brush e30



Another one of my favourites (seems like I’m repeating the word favourite a lot!). This brush is ideal for defining the eyes, be that on the crease or waterline. The bristles become pointed at the tip and are very tightly packed together to give it its firmness. You can smudge the colour used on the waterline with this brush as it is extremely soft. Also great for ‘cut crease’ and defining the outer corners of the eyes to get that sexy cat eye feel. I also love this brush for applying highlight in the inner tear duct area.





The E65- Small Angle Brush:


small angle



Good for filling in eyebrows, which is what I personally use it for. You could also use it as a lip brush and I’m sure it will do a fantastic job as it is thin and angled at the same time, so it will easily follow the curves of your lip and really define your cupid’s bow. Another use for it could be to spot conceal! 🙂





The E05- Eyeliner Brush:


eyeliner e05




I don’t use gel eyeliners so haven’t really tested this brush out as much I would have liked to. But nonetheless, I can say that this brush is the softest eyeliner application brush I have seen. I think if you have sensitive eyes this brush would be perfect for you.




So that’s about it and before I end I’d like to mention this once again- I love this set as much as I do because it’s a 100% vegan, which means that no poor animal is growing hair on its body so they can be plucked later to make a makeup brush for me…which by the way is a horrible thought in itself.  I hope that this review was helpful and that at least a couple of you reading this will go out and try these beauties, because honestly- you ALL should! 🙂




If you feel like this is too expensive a product and you don’t wish to invest so much in a set of brushes, you can opt for the travel-size kit in the same collection (I will be reviewing it soon!)




So we’ve come to an end….if any of you do end up buying these beauties don’t forget to write to me and send me a picture!




Lots of Love- XOXO




* A big thank you to Kathy, from whom I bought this brush set! For all those who wish to buy this set, contact me for the seller’s details.



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