A New Beginning!


I was bit by a bug a couple of months ago….a bug called “Makeup” and ever since it’s been the only thing I’ve been interested in or have playing on my mind. To those closest to me it seems like a very drastic change to the kind of things I usually gravitate towards, but to me it actually feels like I have found my true calling.


Always going after everything Beautiful (more than useful as my loving husband puts it!), I took to makeup surprisingly effortlessly. Having said that, to me it seemed a good idea that I start writing about my ‘new love’!


This section on my blog is going to be about what I know so far about makeup and how I’ve learned what I’ve learned (do keep in mind I’m somewhat of a beginner!). I will be sharing with you things that appeal to me, things I’d love to buy and also what’s already in my collection and I hope you share the same with me too 🙂  One of the biggest reasons why I have decided to add this section to my blog is that I haven’t seen very many reviews talk about how products available today in the world look or feel on Indian women.


Be it a young girl or a grown woman, I sincerely hope that I’ll be able to share my experiences with you in a way that you can relate to them. I really hope that if you are someone who wishes to try your hand and experiment with makeup but are too scared or apprehensive, my experiences help you to go out and give it a try.


Cheers and much Love! XOXO


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