The Indian Jewel Industry Is Still Driven By Flower Power


In a country like India, women and jewellery are terms that are inherently linked, for the love of sparkling jewels and their grandeur surrounds us in every occasion and celebration. Be it Imagea wedding or a spiritual festival, women are often gifted jewellery by near and dear ones. It can be said that the jewel industry in India has come a very long way; today jewellery shops and designers across the country showcase mind boggling designs of traditional as well as modern jewellery pieces that will simply take your breath away. Even though there has been a transition from traditional designs to more modern ones to cater to needs of every generation, one of the styles that have been featured time and again is floral patterns. The use of leaves, flowers and fruits in jewellery designs is still extensively seen. Is there a reason why the jewellery industry is still driven by flower power?

The glamorous face of jewellery

Cutting, polishing and refining a piece of jewellery made from precious/non-precious stones is an art in itself and designers today are creating more and more of floral patterns in their Imagepieces to appeal to the feminine and graceful side of every woman. You will see the use of flowers, fruits and leaves in jewellery, all brought together with such delicateness. Designers are making use of stones like emerald, garnet, ruby, coral, amethyst, turquoise and sapphire stones to further enhance and add to the beauty of a delicate floral gold or silver jewellery piece.

Jewellery designs inspired by floral patterns are on every designer’s repertoire today; floral motifs seem to be intended for solace of humanity. Indian history and mythology has several references to the flower power in jewellery as it was considered beautiful, Imageauspicious and aromatic. Designers who use the floral pattern today in their pieces say that flowers are associated with adornment and romance, and that’s the reason why it will never go out of fashion. It is not just the younger generation that gets pulled towards a beautiful floral designed piece of jewellery, but this pattern also caters to the older women, simply because flowers have a very unique and special room in the hearts of Indian women.

Another reason for using fruits, leaves and flowers in jewellery is that the gorgeous palette of colour and symmetry of floral patterns remain unparalleled. Jewellery designers are depicting flowers in various forms, be that as a bud till the stage of blossoming, which works wonderfully to symbolize fertility and prosperity. Seen as a staple pattern in Indian jewellery, the floral inspired designs lure all women, irrespective of age.  Designers and jewellery shop owners swear by this statement and say that a major chunk of their sales consist of jewellery designs inspired by floral patterns.

Tracing the floral pattern in jewellery

Floral pattern in jewellery can be traced back to thousands and thousands of years. Karna Phool was the first ever mention of this pattern and the earrings were shaped like motias (jasmine flower variety); gajras (a pattern where flowers were strung together), armlets, Imageanklets and jewellery for wrists- all decorated with a floral pattern and imagery. There is also strong evidence of floral design in jewellery used in courts of Mughals and key Indian dynasties, which relied massively on the floral motif.

So how is it that jewellery makers found inspiration in floral patterns? You see; jewellery was made from natural materials like flowers, seeds, feathers and bones back in the day. Flowers came to be used mostly as body adornments and this was the natural transition where natural beauty was represented in the designs in jewellery.

Flower power driving jewellery designers today

It is said that the demand for jewelry designs inspired by floral patterns remains nearly unchanged through the year. Floral designs are said to do best in gold, colours gemstones and diamonds, but those made from coloured gemstones corner highest sales.


Designers and retailers feel that a flower’s soft supple feel; its curves and contours; its flexibility and vibrant hues offer a maker countless ways to represent its beauty. Nakshatra aggressively markets and campaigns floral motifs and they are the ones who have given a new image and platform to this age-old design. The most popular is floral patterns in three-dimensional infused with colours by adding a gemstone or enamelling; textured surfaces and abstract renditions.Image

Farah Khan, jeweller to India’s rich and famous also favours floral motifs, her signature style becoming the perfect representation of her flamboyant personality. You will also find a lot of floral patterns from designer Rosily Paul Vadakkel, winner of 16 prestigious National and International awards, who has carved a niche for herself in the field of creative jewellery. Her designs have become a sublime representation of the radiance that inspires every woman’s inspiration.

Floral motifs are seen as eternal, never going out of fashion. Modern technology has allowed designers today to present the floral patterns in white gold and rose yellows. So we think it’s time you went ahead and invested in a piece of floral pattern jewellery right away, to make the most of a trend that is timeless!

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