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We are the team behind beautyandthebeing. This is our blog on the art of living well & looking beautiful. ‘Beauty and the Being’ is all about understanding that Beauty and Health go hand in hand…and so our blog talks about the things that we love.



The first three sections on this blog are my babies and this is where my readers will find exhaustive tips covering Wellness, Beauty and Lifestyle!


The one thing that I’ve learned in all these years is that in order to be beautiful on the outside, you need to first be healthy and fit on the inside.  For me, being beautiful simply means feeling gorgeous on the inside, and I believe that the way you feel inside gets reflected in what you look like on the outside.


I’m an animal lover (cannot live without my dog, who is the greatest love of my life!), a dreamer and a shopaholic- one who is always torn between what to buy next and what to try next! Come join me as I explore all things glamorous and oh-so-lust-worthy! ;P




I am the face behind the Travel section of this blog. While my wife talks about all things glamour, I talk about and share my experiences as I/we wander around the globe!


Travel is to me what perhaps her makeup, handbags and shoes (collectively) are to her!!! I am passionate about travel…there is nothing I look forward to more than packing my bags and leaving…of roaming like a free spirit and embracing what the world has to offer.


To sum it all…travel is the ultimate drug and high in life for me and I’m slowly introducing Ankita to it as well ;P


The Travel section is where I’ll be sharing with you all my travelling experiences, the must-do and must-see/visit, things to buy, great food and even bucket lists. My dream for this section is to watch it grow and expand as I explore further and further….so come join me as I make this dream come true! Cheers!



To all those who have taken time out to explore our blog, like posts and leave behind comments, we wish to extend a very big ‘Thank You’. 



Ankita & Karan


beautyandthebeing - Karan & Ankita





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