What is love?

What is love?


Is it an all encompassing emotion that leaves you wondering breathlessly about what comes next? Or does love liberate you and make you feel extraordinary? Does it make you lose your sense of self so you can be ‘one’ with the other? Or does it make you feel more aware of who you really are?


Should love enthrall you, overpower you, and leave you helplessly wanting for more? Or should it complete you, reconnect you to your own self, and make you feel whole? Does it have to take over your life for it to be true yet so- all- consuming? Or is love kind and gentle, slowly guiding you towards a better path in life?


Does love leave you surrendering to the whims of the other? Or does it make you feel in control? Is it about forgetting your own needs to fulfill those of the one you so love? Or is it about feeling like you are the luckiest and most special person alive?


Does love leave you wishing you could better yourself to be worthy of the affection and attention you get? Or does it make you feel like you are the best you’re ever gonna be? Does love start to define us? Or does each one of us define love differently?


Does love set you free? Or does it make you feel comfortable about being dependent?


Does love have to hurt? Do we have to forget ourselves to claim we are truly in love? Or can love be more…. Can it really be larger than life…..



Hi Guys… 

I couldn’t help but share this with all of you right away. These words are not my own….but those of someone very close & dear to me… my sister’s. The one behind http://woodenitbeamazing.com, Maneera is someone I always look up to & go-to for all answers I need in life… She’s not only my big sister, but my biggest, strongest support system & rock.

I’m sharing this on her behalf & would love to hear if YOU agree with these lines or not….if you feel any of this holds true for you or not…or even if any of this has ever cropped up in your mind…

I’d love to hear what you think of it….I’d love to know what is love to you?….Please write to us & share your thoughts on it….I’d love to hear 🙂


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